Miranda Allen For Kansas 4th Congressional District

Miranda Allen for Congress - Family Photo from KansasMiranda is a mom, breast cancer survivor, wife, and business owner. Her mission in life is to leave the world a better place; she is here to serve people, share her positive outlook, and to help them flourish. It is her hope they, in turn, help others resulting in each of us giving back positively to the world. The simple acts of kindness and positive contribution can change the foundation of society by empowering individuals to be givers not just takers. 

Miranda believes in strong schools, good paying jobs, responsible tax reform, having the ability through hard work and dedication to improve one’s life, and in taking care of those that can’t care for themselves so we ensure our best days are yet to come. As a business owner, she knows how to make payroll, understands budgeting, and intricately understands that a stable business climate helps business plan and succeed. Miranda enjoys growing jobs, supports quality education, is a leader for collaboration, and promotes energy and transmission development. She loves helping grow her District's economy and most especially enjoys working for the betterment of those in her district.

Miranda Allen for Congress - Photo of Economic Boost to KansasAs a breast cancer survivor, Miranda knows every day is a gift from God and not to waste a single minute. Kansas is at a crossroads. There is a better way. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of our children. “We all need to work together on moving our district forward – for quality schools, good jobs, and more reasonable taxes. Whether Republican or Democrat, moderate or conservative, we are all citizens of this great state. We have common interests and values, and we must work to ensure that we build a strong future for our children and grandchildren. I commit myself to making the 4th District the best place in the nation to raise a family. I will listen to everyone, even if our opinions differ. I will have an open mind and reach across party lines to include ALL voices so that we can find the BEST solutions.”

You can choose to be positive and have faith. You can choose to wake up each day and thank God for all you are given and you can choose to make the world better. Miranda is dedicated to the district and this passion defines her very being. She runs for office NOT for herself but for those in the district that want to see compassion, honesty, and positive leadership brought back to Kansas Politics. For those that want their children and grandchildren to have a future in which they can achieve the American Dream. 

Miranda Allen for Congress - Project Pink Helping Women in Kansas and the USAMiranda is also passionate about adoption and helping women and children. She is the founder of Project Pink. The mission of Project Pink is for women to obtain the necessary life skills to be self-sufficient and live independently while encouraging the pursuit of life, liberty, and happiness. Project Pink acts as positive inspiration in women’s lives and helps them to make the best decision for their child and themselves. Like most people, Miranda has had many challenges throughout her life, but she’s always had a supportive family and community which helped her put the pieces back together so she was able to begin again.

The name Project Pink was chosen because pink represents strength to breast cancer survivors. It has always been Miranda's favorite color but after battling for her life five years ago against triple negative breast cancer and winning, the color pink means even more to her. Pink is not just another pretty color; it’s a message that resonates power. It reminds her to always keep the faith, stay positive, and keep fighting. This is why Project Pink spoke to her, as she wants all the women in the project to develop these traits. Miranda wants each of them to know Project Pink is in their corner and here to help them fight for success. She said, “Five years ago I was fighting for my life and this year I’m fighting for Kansas. Both of which are battles we can and must win.”


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